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Special Summer Recap

Posted by keepportlandweird on October 16, 2007


7th Annual Portland Zine Symposium
Portland Adult Soapbox Derby
Top Down Film Festival
ESOZONE: Designer Reality Expo
PDX Pop Now!
Fifth and Final Portland Challenge
Richard Foreman


The Epoxies, ‘Everything Looks Beautiful on Video’
Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers
Sexy Pants, ‘Sexy Pants Make You Dance’
The Jennifer Echo, ‘Days Seem Wasted’


Popilopitulus at the Portland Zine Symposium
Portland Adult Soapbox Derby 2007 Finals
Kansas City Bomber (1972) trailer
esoZone: Designing their own reality
starfucker @ PDX POP NOW 2007
Portland Challenge 2007
5th Portland Challenge w/ Last Reg. of Syncopated Drummers
tEEth – Meat for Man 2005


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Weird News Update No. 2

Posted by keepportlandweird on July 31, 2007

The Epoxies, “Everything Looks Beautiful on Video”
Scree, “Butterclam”
Menomena, “Wet and Rusting”
Drag Queen Chorus Line
Rock the Runways
Alberta Street Clown House home page
Alberta Street Clown House video
Final Last Thursday at the Clown House
“Finding Normal”
“From One Rose”
Yoshida’s Sand in the City 2006
I-205 MAX animation
Portland Waiters Race
Rapping Jelly Donut
Free Geek Fair 2005
Lifesavas YouTube TV Channel
Oregon Brewers Festival
Rose City Rollers Derby Day
Mondo Croquet
PDX Pop Now!
Bones & Brews
Hottest Day of the Year Ride and Squirt Gun Fight

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Weird News Update No. 1

Posted by keepportlandweird on July 19, 2007

The Epoxies, “Everything Looks Beautiful on Video”
boy eats drum machine, “From an Oregon Shore”
Sports Racers
Portland Adult Soapbox Derby
2006 Soapbox Derby video
Crux Films’ “Nothin’ but Excitement”
PDX Pillow Fight 2007
“Paranoid Park” clip
Subway sandwich menu
Rob Tyler’s Novice Robots
“World Naked Bike Ride” (YouTube video by allenink)
Multnomah County Bike Fair Joust (YouTube video by brock76)
“Night of the Living Dead” trailer
2007 U.S. Open Footbag Championship
“The Simpsons Movie”
Portland International Beerfest
2007 Portland Waiters Race
Sand in the City 2007

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